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Thursday, 11 August 2011


Since this blog was put on hiatus, a sad day occurred in the world of music. Amy Winehouse tragically passed. Her music was pretty fucking great and it will be with us for a long time.

Earlier this year the queen of rock'n'roll Wanda Jackson release her album 'The Party Ain't Over' produced by Jack White (he plays guitar here too). It consisted of covers of old and contemporary tunes.

This take on Winehouse's 'You Know I'm No Good' is rousing reminder of the timelessness of good music and good songs. Old or new, young or old, it doesn't;s just great music!

eleven hundred men went in the water; 316 men come out and the sharks took the rest

JAWS was screened at The Duke's After Dark last week...a superb and aweinspiring film that delivers so much in many ways. Genuine terror and fear, adrenline pumped action and raw family and personal emotion that is hard to replicate on screen.

Unfortunately due to technical reasons we missed a significant 5 min chunk of the movie where Quint delivers his iconic, emotive and emotional speech about the USS Indianapolis. We sincerely apologies for this and it was out of our control. Hopefully a brand new re-masterd digital print of JAWS will be released sometime next year and we can screen film in its crystal clear entirety then.

This doesn't make up for the real thing...but here it is...hope you enjoy it. It's a testiment to the power of acting, film making and storytelling.

Apparently Robert Shaw was ridiculously drunk when they we're filming this and he kept screwing up his lines. After several takes, Spielberg decided to call it quits, but Shaw, feeling awful about his shabby performance pleaded to Spielberg to let him have another go...he did and he gave this performance in ONE TAKE! Fuckin' A!

..."show me the way to go home..."


It's been awhile, but SHINE A LIGHT IS BACK Y'ALL!!!!

Rebooted....I'm starting with the new film night at The Duke of York's...DUKE'S AFTER DARK!
Over the past year there has been rumblings and churnings in the world of late night cinema and as result the screenings of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, JURASSIC PARK, THE LOST BOYS and JAWS have been huge successes drawing large, lively and enthusiastic crowds to the Duke's for some late night cinematic goodness. Now all these nights are tarnished with same brush...DUKE'S AFTER DARK. This is going to be a bi-monthly night, screening classic and cult cinema, also showing random short movies, music vids and other cinema experiments!

Watching a film is a very personal experience, it's between you and the sensual outpour that breaches the screen. It can make you feel weird, scared, enthralled, confused and engaged. Hopefully it will leave you feeling encouraged, motivated, a bit disturbed and plain satisfied. Whilst this is a personal response, these things are always enhanced by the shared communal experience, whether that be with your friends, your lover or some weird dude sitting next to you. When we're watching a good film together, we can go on a personal experience and simultaneously a shared one. When a good audience watches a great film....awesome vibes are created and it's something worth cherishing.

This is something we want to bring forward and celebrate with DUKE'S AFTER DARK!

We going to bring you those classic film's you've always wanted to see in the big dark room, and those classics you've just never got round to seeing.

Stay with us because ALIENS will be next in late September...


And keep checking the Duke of York's website for consistent quality cinema: