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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Jan Harlan is a cool guy...

...and here's why...

'well, it's a horror movie, so it's nonsense!...But I don't mean that in a derogatory way'

This was a comment he made about Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

Jan Harlan was the executive producer of the film and worked with Kubrick many times including Full Metal Jacket, Barry Lyndon and Eyes Wide Shut.

We were lucky enough to be able to screen The Shining at the Duke of York's and have Jan Harlan and Lesley Tomkins (oscar nominated art director) give a very insightful and often humorous Q+A afterwards. Both gentlemen came across as true cinema lovers and understood their trade perfectly with professionalism, sincerity and a sense of humor. To hear Jan Harlan initially call his own film 'nonesense' was a perfect response to a film that makes a potentially 'nonsense' story so compelling, terrifying and visually compelling. A testament to the power of great film making.

Much has been written about Stanley Kubrick and his body of work, so I'm not going to add to much to it hear....but, possibly one of the most striking elements of The Shining is the use of steadicam. The tracking shots following Danny riding his tricycle through the hotel and the use of sound as he goes over floorboards then carpet, floorboards then carpet is a truly mesmerizing technique and sequence that is both simplistic and complex in concept and delivery.

The Shining was one of the first films to use the steadicam and the steadicam operator was Garrett Brown the creator of said device.

However, me and my friend Sam both decided that this scene was one of the best

'I'll just set my bourbon and advocaat down right there.'

The use of space, set design, the positioning of the actors and the editing and shots combine to make a very tense, surreal and almost uncomfortable scene, whilst still looking amazing. The stance between Jack and Delbert is almost as if they are about to start sparing or dancing, and this tension is amplified as the tone of the conversation gets more intense and surreal.

As I said, there has been much written about Kubrick and his work, so look into it...or just watch his films and figure whatever it is out for yourself!....

'Wendy?...Darling?...Light, of my life!.... I'm not gonna hurt ya. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I said, I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm just going to bash your brains in.'

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

These boys can dance!...

Spike Lee's documentary When The Levee's Broke is a challenging, critical, thought provoking, personal and national response to Hurricane Katrina and it's disastrous aftermath.

Despite the horrific events that unfolded during this tragedy Spike Lee is still able to find a part of the story with moments of hope, fun, optimism and down right coolness!....and this scene gives a much needed bit of joy in a tale that otherwise deals with serious problems that need to addressed and so far seem to be neglected...

...but on the plus side...these boys can really dance!!!

...another great thing outta New Orleans (other than old men getting their awesome groove on in a funeral march) is the one and only Hot 8 Brass Band...memembers of the band feature heavily in When The Levee's Broke...and heres what they do best...

here's another Hot 8 sample..the quality isn't great, but the gig was gooood...take it from me...

One last New Orleans/Katrina related thing....Black Lips are one of the best punk/garage rock/indie (whatever-u-wanna-call-it) bands to come out of the US in time...i think there from Florida, but they wrote a song inspired by Katrina...its typical of their style, sporadic, scratchy, scatty guitars, fast tempo, catchy riffs, and vocals with a snarl, an arrogance and a 'give a fuck?' attitude....enjoy....

'O Katrina! why u gotta be mean...!'

if you ever get a chance check these guys out will have fun!.....(that goes for both bands!)

so, a massive storm can fuck up your city and your government can fuck you up all over again afterwards, but here's three pieces of proof that the good stuff will just keep coming back...harder than any storm and with more power than any (idiot) politician!

Scorsese, music + redemption...

i found this...

Music & Redemption: A Scorsese Mini-Retro

it doesn't go into much depth, but it is only 'mini', however anything to comment on Scorsese's use of music will always be of interest...

'Return me to the cigarettes!'

(should point out that Martin Scorsese did not direct the footage (still not sure who did), but he used it to great effect in the documentary).

'As long as I'm alive and as long as I'm rich...'

Quentin Tarantino has bought a cinema....The New Beverly Cinema...

and its currently showing a film called Disco Godfather (!)

'Put yer weeeight on it!!!'

If your near LA you should probably go there.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Random nostalgia, old kidz film from my youth and some new mens fashion thats not shit...

In the early nineties there was a film about young kids playing was called The Sandlot (or The Sandlot Kids in the UK). I remember seeing it once when I was a kid and even though I have/had very little interest in baseball I remember really liking the film...(think Stand By Me, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, The Goonies etc (all really cool films!)) ...I dont think I'v seen it since, but I just came across the this shoot for a range of clothes that was inspired by said film, and there actually really cool....and I dont even get excited by men's fashion, but this is a really cool collection and a really nice selection of images, combining a feeling of nostalgia with a modern slickness...

You can look at the whole shoot of the clothing range designed by HUF on the Hypebeast website...

Here's the trailer for The Sandlot...

keep checking for more stuff from cool films from childhood times...

"It's about time Benny, my clothes are goin' outa style."

Alternative Basterdz!!!

GurnGurnGurn ( come across some alternative poster artwork for Quentin Tarantino's masterful Inglourious Basterds.

(this one is my favourite!)....there's loads more...HERE!

Inglourious Basterds was my favourite film of last year, but I have to admit that the marketing campaign was not great, and the poster art they went with I didn't feel was strong enough or represented the film in the right way (however I appreciate a film like this is very difficult to market!)....

...I'm not sure if these posters should have been used and there are few in this selection that I really don't like, but I think its cool to see some people putting some more diverse creative thought into poster design and film the film posters of recent years has been quite simply...fuckin' naff!!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Single Man... visually stunning...each shot and sequence seems to surpass the next in terms style, imagery and lighting and therefore telling a story as much through visual style instead of just narrative drive.

The film is basically about a man coming to terms with the death of his lover, instead of it being over emotional through narrative and dialogue, it taps into a style and that director Tom Ford has created and executed perfectly and keeps the momentum, style and pace throughout!

Ford's directorial debut owes as much to his background in fashion and advertising as it does to other directors such as Hitchcock, Almodovar and Gus Van Sant. Ford seems to be the kind of artist that knows exactly what looks good and how to make it look it good, whilst telling a captivating story.

I was going to post up a video of a clip or the trailer but none that i could find did the complete film i think you should just go see the whole thing for yourself!

A Single Man is showing at the Duke of York's till thursday the 25th feb...

Here is a link to Tom Ford's website...check it out...

Moon River...

is a classic song from a classic film

Some guy called Pink has written a good little article about the song and its place within the can read it here...

Dancin' Out the Seven Eleven....

Sean Marc Lee has taken some really good photos! me they look like scenes from films that I want to see get made...i think someone should!

This one was a favourite

and this...

you can and you should look at more of his stuff...right...HERE!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Miike Snow make 'cool' pop music. Then they get someone to make cool videos for said music. Heres one such example....

Miike Snow - Silvia

Video Directed by Marcus Soderlund

Miike Snow recently played at Digital in Brighton....they sound cool, there vids are cool, and they look pretty cool can see photos from the show...HERE

Photo by Sam Hiscox

Friday, 12 February 2010

On at The Duke Of York's this week....

on this week from the 12th Feb...


(Hayao Miyazaki)

A Single Man

(Tom Ford)

Breakfast at Tiffany's

(Blake Edwards)

The Lord of the Rings....(all of them, in one nite!!!)

(Peter Jackson)

check the Duke of York's website for details....HERE

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis from the band The Bad Seeds have now composed 3 scores to feature films, The Propostion, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and The Road.

Each score has a majestic subtlety that echoes the themes and and emotions of the film. The melodies also transcend the films themselves (but never overwhelm them) and work as great music in their own right.

Late last year they released an album compiling tracks from these soundtracks and other projects. It is called called White Lunar

Nick Cave is a patron of the Duke of York's cinema and he recently gave an insightful Q+A session (with The Road director John Hillcoat, also a DoY patron). He talked about he could never score a major Hollywood production, such as '10 seconds of tension music for a Batman film', but he prefers to work more organically and independently from the film production itself and let the musical ideas flow more directly from the themes and style of the narrative. This technique is clearly working, hopefully they will have more film projects for them to work on in the future.

This is from The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford soundtrack. 'A Song for Jesse'.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sundance and Banksy

Following up from an earlier post about Banksy's new film Exit Through The Gift Shop, here is a piece written by my colleague at the Duke of York's and all round lady of film Sophie Brown.

Sophie attended this years Sundance festival and here's her report on 'The Spotlight Surprise' film of the festival...Exit Through The Gift Shop...

she also took photos of some of what Banksy got up to in Park City

(check the above link for more!)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Was the mid 90s Hollywood's real golden age...?



Jan de Bont

'Pop quiz hot shot'


Die Hard: With A Vengeance

John McTiernan

'Yipee Ki-yay!'


The Rock

Michael Bay

'I'm just a biochemist, i drive a volvo...a beige why don't you cut me SOME FRIGGIN' SLACK!'

Well....they don't make them (or their trailers!) like that anymore!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

A bottle a' wine n' old 45s....

Jamie T is playing Brixton tonite....

his new single 'Emily's Heart' hasnt got a video yet so this one for 'Man's Machine' will have to do...and it will coz its awesome!!

...whats also pretty great is that the b-side to his new single is his take on the Bruce Springsteen classic 'Atlantic City" from the 'Nebraska' album.

im sure it will sound good!!!

...some one should really write a film using the characters in his songs....(Louie in the shooting gallery, sheila and her mate stella, smack jack the cracker man, harmonica man sam, crazy billy jay jones, the girl georgina,...)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

On at The Duke Of York's this week....

From Friday 5th Feb....

A Prophet



Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

check the Duke of York's website for dates and times...

Music Vidzzzzzz

Future Shorts do not only have an eye for great short films but they also pick up some of the freshest and most creative music videos...heres a few that are pretty cool...

Luv Deluxe

(two young (sexy) rebels on the run)

Sweet Come Down

(Australian cowboys are cool!)


(say what you see)

and for more shorts films go here...

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Exit Through The Gift Shop

It was only a matter of time for Banksy to go from the streets, to everyones coffee table and the movies!....heres the trailer for his new film Exit Through The Gift Shop

I'v heard from a reliable source that its goood, and the American's didn't quite get that means its probably funny too...

whilst on the Banksy thing....after spending months cris-crossing Soho this piece of art was there and made it better!...its not there anymore...which is sad, but then maybe thats just the nature of the beast!

it wasn't so much the art itself, but the location and places it could be seen from are what made it stand out...some legal dispute over who owned the wall and some suits who just weren't feelin' it got rid of it!....fuck'em!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A happy ending....


storyboard for the perfect romance movie...

Photos by Sam Hiscox (Partie!Partie!) >>>>>>>

F*uck You!

A perfect rant. This scene from 25th Hour is one of the best combinations of screen writing, monologue, photography, lighting, setting, montage and music. (thats basically a perfect scene)

Basically...Edward Norton, is a drug dealer who's been busted and about to start a long stretch in jail...he has one day left on the outside and in this scene...he's kinda pissed off...

Spike Lee

(screenplay David Benioff)

(music Terence Blanchard)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Asshole - Bitch

Half Nelson is a really subtle and delicately handled urban fable on growing up, addiction, race and (unconventional?) relationships.

You really should go watch the whole film if you haven't already!

Half Nelson

Ryan Fleck