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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Single Man... visually stunning...each shot and sequence seems to surpass the next in terms style, imagery and lighting and therefore telling a story as much through visual style instead of just narrative drive.

The film is basically about a man coming to terms with the death of his lover, instead of it being over emotional through narrative and dialogue, it taps into a style and that director Tom Ford has created and executed perfectly and keeps the momentum, style and pace throughout!

Ford's directorial debut owes as much to his background in fashion and advertising as it does to other directors such as Hitchcock, Almodovar and Gus Van Sant. Ford seems to be the kind of artist that knows exactly what looks good and how to make it look it good, whilst telling a captivating story.

I was going to post up a video of a clip or the trailer but none that i could find did the complete film i think you should just go see the whole thing for yourself!

A Single Man is showing at the Duke of York's till thursday the 25th feb...

Here is a link to Tom Ford's website...check it out...

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