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Thursday, 27 January 2011


Someone sent me this Jack Kerouac quote the other day, and then today when watching the end of season 4 of The Wire (for the second time...this time knowing what damn tragedy was coming), the two seemed in common conjuncture, like The Wire is like the work of the 'Beat' generation....but with more 'Gang-sta bullshit'!

Please don't watch this clip if you haven't seen The Wire but you intend to (you really want to watcht the whole thing!). And if you have then watch at your own discretion:


"I feel old. I been out there since I was 13. I ain't never fucked up a count, never stole off a package, never did some shit that I wasn't told to do. I been straight up. But what come back? Hmm? You'd think if I get jammed up on some shit they'd be like, "A'ight, yeah. Bodie been there. Bodie hang tough. We got his pay lawyer. We got a bail." They want me to stand with them, right? But where the fuck they at when they supposed to be standing by us? I mean, when shit goes bad and there's hell to pay, where they at? This game is rigged, man. We like the little bitches on a chessboard."

Preston 'Bodie' Broadus


Tonight at the Duke of York's Picturehouse, we hosted the European premier of Brighton Rock. In attendance were Sam Riley, Andrea Riseborough and the great John Hurt. Loads of press and photographers were down so you'll get a better review of the night somewhere else very soon, but it was pretty special evening to say the least.

But in the meantime....

"It's like those sticks of rock: bite it all the way down, you'll still read Brighton."

make gif animation

Brighton Rock is out properly on Feb on sale NOW!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

You and Me: and some more good music from Blue Valentine

Saw Blue Valentine last week. I really enjoyed the devastatingly accurate portrayal of a relationship coming to an inevitable end. Beautifully shot and filmed by Derek Cianfrance and powerfully acted with restraint and maturity by MIchelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.

The film oscillates between the happy early days of Dean and Cindy's relationship and the painful end six years later. I felt the film dealt with break up (damn sad) scenes on a much more successful level than the more happier moments of their relationship. This isn't so much of a criticism because the crux of the story is what happens when you run out of love for your lover, and it's in these scenes where the film excels, but if the initial romance had been told with the same conviction then it would have lent even greater emotional weight to the couples demise.

That said, there we're elements of Dean and Cindy's blossoming relationship that we're wonderfully done. This is largely down to the choice of music.

This track You and Me an old soul and doo-wop track by an largely unknown group called Penny and the Quaters, is what Dean say's to Cindy is 'Their' song whilst everyone else's 'Song' is lame....

Love the sound of this, can imagine these dudes and that girl singing and playing on one track in one take in some room somewhere a long time doesn't sound this raw and real too much anymore.

And this scene made me want to reach for my ukulele and learn more than 2 chords on it, Ryan Gosling singing the old Mills Bros classic, You Always Hurt The One You Love

I should probably mention that the trendy lo-fi group Grizzly Bear composed the original soundtrack to the film too....but i didn't really notice it too much!

The best way I can describe Blue Valentine is with a Bruce Springsteen reference (this often the best way to describe and relate to anything). It's like listening to Born To Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town, a track of one then a track of the other....

The restless naive optimism of youth and love create a beautiful passionate show, but this then eventually has to yield to a realization and a reckoning of an adult life filled compromise and limitations, yet also bravery in knowing that sooner or later you have to make a stand somewhere.


But still, those old time songs still sound so sweet!

Friday, 21 January 2011


This trailer has come across my radar over the past few days, and the more I watch it the more I can't wait to see it!

Rubber is about a killer car tire reeking havoc in some quite American desert town. Directed by Quentin Dupieux (aka. Ed Banger Record maestro, Mr Oizo) and featuring music by Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Auge (one half of Justice). Rubber looks like a bizarre hilarious and superbly original little film!

Couldn't decide which of these was better, so here's two trailers:

"The best killer tire movie you'll ever see!"

It's getting a DVD release in April and hopefully find it's way into some cinemas too!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Here's a cool little video featuring everyones favourite scuzz rock indie band Black Lips as they set to work on their 7th album. They have never worked with a producer before, but for this one they gone all highbrow with Mark Ronson at the helm.

They end up recording a guitar through a skull!

Will be looking forward to see what they sound like with a real producer recording them, but personally i'll always be fond of their original, scratchy homemade sound.

The Black Lips new album produced by Mark Ronson will be out soon,...

Thursday, 6 January 2011

JURASSIC PARK @ THE DUKE'S some special homemade advertising

We're all getting pretty excited at the Duke's for our upcoming long awaited and highly sort after screening of JURASSIC PARK! and our micro/rustic advertising campaign is in full swing.

Myself and Rob Beames came up with this poster idea...

Expertly assembled by Flora Maclean

Tonight Me, Tora Colwill and Rob persuaded Jonathan Hyde to unleash his chalk skills and create this masterpiece in the Duke's foyer!

(Jonathan takes some pretty great photos have a look)

and finally this found it's way onto my tumblr.

More photos, images and and JP logos on the way!

JURASSIC PARK is showing @ The Duke of York's Picture House, Brighton

15/01/2011 11:30PM

You can buy tickets NOW!

"Mr Hammond, I think we're back in business!"

Monday, 3 January 2011

Pete Postlethwaite 1946 - 2011

A bit of a downer to start the year.. the great Pete Postlethwaite has sadly passed today.

Steven Spielberg once called him 'the greatest actor working today' and he made great impressions on all the films and plays he appeared in, always bring great gravitas and conviction to his characters.

Last film of his films I saw was Ben Affleck's Boston crime movie The Town where he gave a great and menacing performance as a florist/Boston gang lord!

He gave other memorable performances in many great films such as Romeo and Juliet, The Usual Suspects, The Constant Gardner, Amistad and this rousing little British movie Brassed Off

....and of course who can forget this

Postlethwiate's 'Roland Tembo' (the man hunting the T-Rex) has all the best lines is this one)

"Oh, you're breaking my heart. Come on! Saddle up, let's get this moveable feast under way!"

"Remember that chap about twenty years ago? I forget his name. Climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. When they asked him, they said why did you go up there to die? He said I didn't, I went up there to live. "


Respect to you Postlethwaite!