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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Harmony Korine, Val Kilmer and the Fourth Dimension

Three directors, Harmony Korine (USA) Alexei Fedorchenko (Russia) and Jan Kwiecinski (Poland) have teamed up on a new film project which explores the concept on the Fourth Dimension.

The project has been set up by Vice and Grolsch Film Works. It is planned as a 3 short half hour films exploring the same concept that will be showcased together as one feature film. Korine's part features Val Kilmer playing himself as a motivational speaker...Sounds pretty fucking great to me....

"The mandate of the project is to create cinematic experiences with filmmakers that have truly unique approaches to character and story-telling. Inspired by filmmaker (and friend) Harmony Korine, I created a weird (but wonderful) brief that tasks each director to create riveting characters that inhabit supra-normal worlds," says Eddy.

The Fourth Dimension will be out some time next year, find out more about it here...

Saturday, 15 October 2011


My favourite episode so far of this ode to the road of rock & roll. Jessie "Boots Electric' Hughes chats to some of the women who make rock & roll possible...not the groupies and the drug chic wannabes, but some real ladies that make the real good shit of rock&roll possible!

Like most things...woman make it better, including ROCK!

See more of this great series from Marshal Headphones and Vice, HERE