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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Parallel Cinema

VBS.TV has launched its second installment to The Vice Guide To Film, this time it goes to Russia for a look into the weird world Parallel Cinema.

Parallel Cinema is a massive reaction against the political realities of Russia and its history, it involves some really weird stuff from some really weird people (and lots and lots and lots of vodka). The documentary gives a full insight and indulges into this weirdness, whilst also accurately explaining through Russia's history how and why Parallel Cinema came to be and why it is important.

After 60 years of Soviet rule and some really dull movies the 80's in Russia saw a release of pent up artistic energy and creativity, if you think about it it probably makes sense that Parallel Cinema appears to make little sense. This Vice Guide to Film will introduce you to these movies, movements and people, such as 'Alco-Cinema', a 'Necro-Realist' and a dude who amongst other things spent a year living as a dog....seriously!

I would describe some more of the stuff Parallel Cinema is about, but this is something you should definitely just see for yourself...and you can, right HERE

'Russia is oppressive, it's hard and it's hard drinking. But out of this oppression can come great art.'

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