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Saturday, 22 May 2010


A few weeks ago hard core punk band The Bronx played Concorde 2 in Brighton. I couldn't go to the gig and to be honest I wasn't too bothered as my hard core days are now far behind me (mostly). However, my friends Sam and Sally went along, and it turns out I missed an awesome show.

This was not just because hard core punk is still awesome, but because The Bronx also unleashed Mariachi El Bronx!!!....having never heard of this hybrid before it came as a glorious surprise when my friends later played it to me....Punk meets Mariachi!...this is no's real and it works...and the outfits are pretty special too...

Photo by Sam Hiscox

See more Bronx photos at Long Time Dead

'These prison walls, they couldn't hold anything in at all.'

With songs in the traditional style about revenge, love, longing, despair, betrayal, Mariachi El Bronx have somehow managed to take the piss, be ironic, be genuine, still rock and bring Mariachi style and sway to town!.....Makes me wanna head straight to the border with a young Senorita, a warm bottle of tequilla and a longing for Taco's and refried beans....

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