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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


I intercepted two of my friends linking this trailer on facebook and now I can't wait to catch this documentary...


This is about the history of some of seedier, nastier elements of cinema....some say that Grindhosue and Exploitation movies are all but gone (for better or worse) from today's cinema but this doc could show how vital elements of these films still run rampant in the film industry today, and how some of the core themes and messages (if you want to call them that) have carried through to todays Hollywood blockbusters. This is the essential dirty side to all that is great a about cinema and the movies.

The movie has a great website too:

Not sure of a UK release date yet, but it will surly find a home somewhere soon.

In the meantime, if this has whetted yor appetite then come down to the Duke of York's this Friday 18/02/2011 for a late night screening of Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse/Exploitation/Revenge/Action/Homage Mash up of MACHETE!

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