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Monday, 14 November 2011

a gun and girl - KASIA KASANOVA - car park kids

Here's the first short film from Car Park Kids, a union of myself at this blog and Sam Hiscox Photography. A group of guys who like the same kinda things and want to make the movies that they want to see.

KASIA KASANOVA is based around Jean-Luc Godard's famous quote "all you need for a movie is a gun and girl". With that in mind, we hit out local multistory car park at around 1am one night the other week and let the story unfold. With the help of a few friends and a great tune by The Black Keys we came up with this....

KASIA KASANOVA had its world premier at The Duke's After Dark at The Duke of York's Picturehouse in Brighton on Saturday 12th November before a SOLD OUT late night screening of PULP FICTION.

Expect to see more stuff from Car Park Kids real soon.....

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