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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Romain Gavras-notre jour viendra

Romian Gavras is best known for making truly amazing music videos. Violent, edgy, graphic, thought provoking, ugly and beautiful. Most recently he directed the epic music video for M.I.A's new track 'Born Free'.

Is this video a comment on the meaninglessness of hate and discrimination? A suggestion that the USA and it's military are still effectively bullying and unfairly policing the world? Or is it an awesome experimentation of blowing people up for the viewers aesthetic pleasure?

Personally I enjoyed the later part!

Gavras has also directed videos for tracks by Simian Mobile Disco, The Last Shadow Puppets and Justice, he also made the great tour documentary 'A Cross The Universe' following Justice on their tour across North America.

You can watch these videos HERE

Through his repertoire you can see a strong visual style, sense of vision and continuity. There is a clear aesthetic of a bleached out and grey Europe, yet with the heightened contrast and clarity of the images give a livelier look to the grey scenes. He also focuses on an under class (the Gypsies in 'I Believe', the street kids in 'Stress', the metaphor of the ginger people in 'Born Free'. This could be seen as a political or social comment or it could just be because Gavras can make these scene look stunning, striking and really cool...He may be trying to achieve both.

He is now moving onto his first feature 'Notre Jour Viendra' ('Our Day Will Come) starring prolific French actor Vincent Cassel.

There is very little other info about what this film is actually about yet, but it certainly looks strong in terms of Gavras' visual style. Hopefully his style will translate into the medium of feature films as opposed to much shorter music videos, and he has a story to back up his strong signature aesthetic.

Ramain Gavras has pushed boundaries in the medium of music videos, hopefully he will push it far into feature films too.

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