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Monday, 4 October 2010

why Bruce Springsteen is awesome...(part 5)...The missing link...

Bruce Springsteen quoting Martin Scorsese -

The artists job is to get your audience to care about your obsessions. The things that you think are more important and more vital and more essential than anything else in the world.

'The writing and the imagining of a world. Thats a particular thing, thats a single finger print all the film makers we love, all the writers, all the song writers...they put there finger print on your imagination.'

So this little chat between men in black shirts was to talk about a NEW but OLD Springsteen album!...effectively the missing link between Born To Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Two LP's of unreleased tracks from the 'Darkness...' sessions, a remastered version of Darkness on The Edge Of Town, a new documentary of unseen footage chronicling the period...and a new t-shirt!!!...damn YEAH!

Full info Here

Bruce Springsteen - "The Promise: The Making of 'Darkness on the Edge of Town'" Sneak Peek from Columbia Records on Vimeo.

This is gonna be special!!!

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