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Thursday, 4 November 2010

ENTER THE VOID - sex money power...and everything else...(and The Vice Guide To Film: Gaspar Noe

Alfred Hitchcock, Luis Bunuel, Fritz Lang, Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese...Gaspar Noe!

I watched Enter The Void the other day and have been dwelling on it since. There was so much going on in this film on technical, narrative and emotional levels that surpass most concepts of modern film making.

Gaspar Noe has taken ideas and themes from films by the names listed above and has literally ran off with them into his own mind, and created a film of incredible unique beauty and intrigue with a story that may be polarizing for audiences, yet holds masses of material and concepts to dwell on or dismiss, but will no doubt agitate.

The scenes of Oscar's spirit flying over a stylized and real Tokyo, the horrific car crash, the convergence with the air plane and the most up close sex scene (possibly ever) are stand out set pieces that should rank highly in terms of technical achievement for creating a dramatic effect in any film.

A remarkable film...try and see it on as bigger screen as possible with the best sound you can muster...

I missed the opening credits...I wish i hadn't! This is so good!

The good folk at VBS have made a film following Gaspar Noe and the part of the making and immediate reception of Enter The Void. Have a look:

Check out all three parts. The show only really details one side of Noe's style and approach to film making, but it's still a mad little journey into a twisted Japanese underworld you probably wouldn't know about.

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