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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

TROLL 2 + BEST WORST MOVIE (via Picturehouse Culture Shock)

Troll 2 is one of those soooo bad it's actually amazing kind of films! It has, in some place, been called 'the undisputed worst film ever made"!

It's a typical horror tale of a nice family holidaying in small town nowhere to discover the place is full of some kind of man eating trolls (or goblins....)! And sure enough a series of bizarre, trashy, gross out and inadvertently hilarious scenes ensue! (There's a lot of green slim, midgets dressed as 'trolls', crude make up, faces of old men floating in the air, people turning into plants.....)

Written and directed by (possibly crazy) Italian b-movie maker Claudio Fragasso (went by the name 'Drake Floyd' for this production) and released in 1990, it was named named 'Troll 2' in an attempted to cash in on an earlier film called Troll to which Troll 2 has no production or narrative connection.

This only one aspect of the remarkable and haphazard production. More of which is bought to life in the documentary Best Worst Movie. Made 20 years later, it follows George Hardy, local dentist and star of Troll 2 as he finds out that the weird little film he was once involved has slowly gained a massive cult following in various pockets around the world.

Picturehouse Culture Shock have arranged a special late night double bill with both Troll 2 + Best Worst Movie to give you the full twisted experience of what makes certain films and going to the movies so weirdly special.

The double bill is taking place at the following Picturehouse Cinemas:

Check out Culture Shock on facebook and for where/when you can see more insane and essential cinema.

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