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Thursday, 3 March 2011


I'm currently reading this book:

Herzog on Herzog
Edited by Paul Cronin

In which Werner Herzog discusses at length and in great detail aspects of his life, career and films. Full of astounding and remarkable stories and insights from a man who is a true genius of the film medium.

This is a great little tale from Herzog:

Years ago I was searching for the biggest rooster I could find and heard about a guy in Petaluma, California, who had owned a rooster called Weirdo that weighed thirty pounds. Sadly Weirdo had passed away, but his offspring were alive, and guess what? They were even bigger. I went out there and found Ralph, son of Weirdo, who weighed an amazing thirty-two pounds! Then I found Frank, a special breed of miniature horse that stood less than two feet high. I told Frank's owner I wanted to film Ralph chasing Frank--- with a midget riding him--- around the biggest sequoia tree in the world, thirty metres in circumference. It would have been amazing because the horse and the midget together were still smaller than Ralph, the rooster. But unfortunately Frank's owner refused. He said it would make Frank look stupid.

-Werner Herzog

(above image has no connection to Werner Herzog or his far as I know!)

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