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Thursday, 19 May 2011


Last weekend was fun, despite my left foot spazzing out and having to work each day, but I saw two awesome shows that reminded me that Rap and Electronic music are still worth listening too, and I saw my favourite film of all time on the BIG screen!

First off was the almighty DJ Shadow bringing his Shadowsphere tour for the first time to the UK as part of The Great Escape.

The show was a blinder, truly, and you can read more about it at Don't Panic NOW!

But here's some pics I took on my trusty Blackberry

These pics don't do the show justice, but it was incredible, big beats and visual feast!

On the saturday I did my own great escape outta Brighton to the quieter streets of central London to the Prince Charles Cinema just of Leicester Sq, to watch my all time favourite movie, Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas.

This was my first time watching this in a cinema and it blew my mind. The print may have been grainy and projected off kilter slightly, but the shots, scenes, editing, music (all that make this film stupendous) shone through greater than I could have perceived. The prison dinner sequence was particular highlight...Paulie finely slicing the garlic on a massive screen is quite a moment. The climactic scene of Henry's last day fusing his paranoia and drug addiction with a mad rush to smuggle drugs, look after his brother and cook a family dinner (all at once) is one of the finest examples of editing and use of music ever put on film...thrilling and exhausting to watch...pure cinematic storytelling!..I would go on....but....

Then it was Sunday, and an afternoon show from Brooklyn's finest new Hip-Hop act was beckoning!

Das Racist make music like this....

I got to admit I lost interest in Hip-Hop/Rap music a while ago...but this reminded how good it can be, proper party music, unpretentious, clever, stupid, and full of good vibes!...also they're some real cool dudes...found myself having a chat Heems in a corridor after the show...nice guy!

Once again the Blackberry was there...

(looking forward to seeing what Sam's real photo of them looks doubt you'll find it HERE sometime soon)

So that was last week end...there was more...I ended up drinking wine and buying beef jerky with Doug at 3am...unfortunately I didn't take any photos!

(All photos on this post by Toby King)

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