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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Shine A Light presents: Riki Fliks - Movies at Riki Tik's

Alright, so I'm taking this blog into the real world!

If you live in or around Brighton and are into your movies, then you wanna hear this!

I've teamed up with Riki Tik's to bring you Shine A Lights presents: Riki Fliks! Every Sunday evening we will be screening some classic films of all styles and genres. Screening in the back room of everyone's favourite late night hang out Riki Tik's on Bond Street. We have a great projector, a big old wall, booths and comfy seats and of course a fully stocked bar!...we're also bringing in the popcorn! This will be the perfect way to cap that perfect weekend!

But we want more than to hang with you watch movies and get slightly merry....we want YOUR films! If you have made the BEST SHORT FILM THAT NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN then we want to see it!

Drop in a copy your short/video on DVD to Riki Tik's or get in touch via the facebook page:

To kick start Riki Fliks we're going for the big guns with a screening of everyone's favourite crazy man Charlie Sheen in HOT SHOTS! On Sunday 22nd May at 8pm


More info to come! Hope to see you there....and get involved!


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