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Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Doors - 'When You're Strange' - told by Johnny Depp

When I was writing my last post (on Bruce Springsteen) I was listening to The Doors....I guess that's neither here nor there...but what is nearly here and is definitely there somewhere is this new documentary about the great band The Doors....When Your Strange

For me, a fond memory of The Doors is from working at a pub on Brighton seafront one summer a few years ago and their records seemed to be played on an almost daily was a good time!.....I probably first heard them (like many great bands from the same era) from the soundtrack to Forrest Gump!....(the soundtrack being probably the best bit about the film...apart from maybe the Vitenam bit?)...I also re-watched Wayne's World 2 the other which Jim Morrison himself (played by this guy!), in the desert, tells Wayne to put on the mighty rock festival, 'Wayne Stock'!...but anyway I digress....

So....anyway....the new documentary When You're Strange is directed by Tom DiCillo who did some half decent indie films in 90s....and is narrated by the only man for the job..Johnny Depp!

This is a documentary about a great band and a fascinating time; musically, socially and politically.

All the above is reason to go see's the trailer if you still need a little more convincing.

When You're Strange will be arriving at the Duke's soon...will let you know when we know!

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