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Monday, 5 July 2010


I think I fIrst came across Derek from The Agitator some years ago at a lock-in in a Brighton pub. I remember there was lots of people and alcohol and a guitar. After some appalling renditions of some typical karaoke type songs, someone handed the guitar to Derek (I don't think I had even noticed him there yet)...after re-tuning the guitar in some strange way he started playing...he was really good...but then he started singing and then it was something else together. The bold, soulful, angry and passionate voice left most of the drunken reprobates (myself included) stunned and massively impressed.

Now though Derek has lost the guitar and is taking a minimalist approach in a huge way with The Agitator!

The Agitator are a remarkable band (act/duo...) utilizing Derek's remarkable voice with Robert's impeccable beats and a passion for music that needs no other instrumentation. The blend of old school Soul, Be-Bop and Rock mixed the 'beat' styles of Tom Waits and a nod to the annals of Hip-Hop gives The Agitator one of its many edges. Fusing old sounds and new, with songs that resonate with the contemporary world we live in is another.

The Agitator are bold in their music and in their message...both are things that so often are lacking in music and art today, so it's great to have it here so close at hand.

To celebrate the launch of their new single 'Get Ready'/'Lets Start Marching' they played a great set at Rounder Records in Brighton.

(Photo & Video by Toby King)

The Agitator have a lot to say and a lot to sing about, and they're doing it in a way that you should pay attention to...because it is happening RIGHT NOW!

Here is the awesome video for 'Get Ready'

Also have a look at the great video of the track 'Howling and Bawling' by Akin at GurnGurnGurn...HERE


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