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Friday, 16 July 2010


Aallllllllriiiiiiiite!...I just watched Inception...Christopher Nolan has once again proved that it is possible to make an action suspense thriller with ridiculous and spectacular special effects, yet still convey a story that will challenge the audience on several levels...both in merely trying to keep up with a complicated plot but also question aspects of everyday humanity and universal themes of love, dreams and the perception of reality and oneself.

What is also so satisfying about Inception is that it demonstrates film at its best, in terms of acting, directing, writing, special effects, photography, narrative flow and is (hopefully) a trailblazer into a new style of big budget filmmaking while also clearly displaying and respecting ideas that came before it.

To say the film works on many levels is kind of a pun....(given the concept of the film) but it really explain it here would not do it justice...but Robert Beames wrote a great review...READ IT HERE

You can see INCEPTION at The Duke of York's and probably most other cinemas in the world from 16th July (thats today!).....and you really should...this ain't one for downloadin' on the's needs to BIG and LOUD!

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