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Friday, 20 August 2010

Black Swan - Aronofsky does 'The Red Shoes' ?!

Check out this trailer for Black Swan

This should be amazing...Darren Aronofsky is one of best directors of his generation, full of original ideas and an acute understanding of film...The Wrestler was probably my favourite film of whatever year it came out and Requiem for a Dream I found so harrowing I haven't been able to watch again since the first time I watched it drunk at 1 am about six years ago...I even liked The Fountain but most people didn't.

Natalie Portman and Vincent Cassell are always worth a look, and Mila Kunis may surprise people in one of her first credible roles...(she was the probably the best thing about Forgetting Sarah Marshall), just have to try and get past the voice of 'Meg Griffin'!

However, this film looks like it maybe a re imagining of Powell and Pressburger's true masterpiece, The Red Shoes.

Really...if you haven't seen this yet you must....much has been written on this film so I wont go into it too much, but its hard to find a film that conveys the power of art, dance, film, love, paranoia and obsession any better.

Just from looking at the Black Swan trailer there are some clear similarities, not just the ballet theme, but the ideas of obsession and competitiveness...there were also some shots in the trailer directly lifted from The Red Shoes.

However, is this a good idea, is the Black Swan going to come across as a mere contemporary nod and salute to The Red Shoes or has Aronofsky got something truly great up his sleeve? Hopefully it will be the later as Aronfosky has shown that he is a very credible and unique filmmaker, and Black Swan will further demonstrate this and not be a simple case of Aronofsky standing on the shoulders Powell and Pressburger's giants.

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