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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I'm Still Here - by Casey Affleck with Joaquin Pheonix

Here's the poster for the eagerly awaited documentary (or 'mockumentary') by Casey Affleck about what happened to Joaquin Phoenix when he turned his back on acting and went down the bearded hobo-esque rap route (an urge we all have felt!)

So basically this movie is coming out and it is real...however the whole thing could be a set up. Suggestion is that Phoenix decided to 'act' being a bearded rapper so Affleck could film it for a pre-conceived project, or Phoenix actually thought rap really was for him!....But either way it may not matter....both possibilities sound interesting and both Affleck and Phoenix generally have made pretty good decisions throughout their careers. I'm Still Here looks like it's going to be an interesting, bizarre and unique experience.

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