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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Joon-Ho Bong: 'Mother'

"A combination of awkwardness and uncomfortable distortion of reality...I like the impact of it when it is framed on films and delivered to the screen."

Joon-Ho Bong is a film director from South Korea. His film's Barking Dogs Don't Bite, Memories of Murder, The Host and Mother are remarkable films. All very different but are intrinsically linked through director Bong's understanding of character, place, emotion, and darkly comic sense of humor, and perhaps most significantly a thorough understanding of film and storytelling. He portrays a personal vision in his films that is perhaps not a literal outpouring of his personal ideas and beliefs but more a personal display of a perceived subconscious whole, of either his native Korea or humanity as a whole. He is able to display this through an understanding of film and cinema and how the craft and art of which can reveal the strange, disturbing and unsettling truth of humanity, yet portray this within a beautiful and enticing aesthetic.

You can read my review of Mother at Don't Panic.....

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