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Thursday, 23 September 2010


Brighton's Duke of York's cinema had it's hundred birthday last night! Now I am a little fuzzy in the head!

But a great night was had by all and thanks to everyone who turned up. A highlight of the night was a special screening of footage from the new Brighton Rock movie. Optimum releasing were gracious enough to exhibit several scenes from the upcoming film.

This version of Graham Greene's novel is set in the 60s and uses the clash and conflict between the mods and rockers as a back drop for a tale of young love and restless misplaced idealism (with some sociopathic tendencies) in a violent gangland culture.

The opening title sequence echoes the moody atmosphere of Scorsese's Shutter Island and film opens with a tense and violent knife fight underneath Brighton's famous promenade in the pouring rain.

We also see well acted and awkward (purposely so) scene between Pinky (Sam Riley) and Rose (Andrea Riseborough) at a dance. (Both seem perfectly cast)

A highlight was a wonderful crane shot following Pinkie riding his moped through the streets, as he turns a corner the camera rises and reveals a whole convoy of mods on mopeds cruising down the seafront. (It maybe Eastbourne seafront, but lets face it thats one of few places that can still pass as being in the 60s without some major CGI!)

Overall the scenes that were showed looked very promising, the set design, costumes and lighting all were strong and bold and complemented each other well. The film appears to have a certain look and feel that makes it stand out as slick (with girtty feel) and made to a very high standard. It comes across as having a clear and realized aesthetic that will help to convey the emotional core of of the story, through it's setting and look. It also looks like it could be a really good genre movie and not another middle-of-the-road British movie that are all too common currently.

The film also stars Helen Mirren, Andy Serkis and John Hurt....always a good thing.

It's coming out in early February and the Duke's is going to be involved with the launch....something special! this space....

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