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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


The fine folk at Palladium have gone urban exploring again and this time they've commandeered Johnny Knoxville to join the ranks of intrepid journalists and explorers to wander the brittle remains of one of America's once most prosperous cities.

The situation in Detroit is now well documented (including on here), but this particular piece is focusing on the future and not the past!

It effectively picks up where Julien Temple's evocative Requiem for Detroit left off. This doc shows what a new young generation of entrepreneurs and artists are doing to reclaim the city and make something real and unique with do it yourself attitude and a focus on community and creativity.

To quote Bruce Springsteen...."everything dies baby, thats a fact/but maybe everything that dies someday comes back" (thats about Atlantic City but you get what I mean!?)

This is only part 1 of 3, but go to the Palladium website for the rest....and some other explorations and some damn fine shoes.

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