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Monday, 22 March 2010

The Vice Guide To Film

Vice magazine founders Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti have made a new series of films exploring the other side of film and film making...The Vice Guide To Film

The series will be look into film industries from around the world, looking at the alternative, dark and taboo sides film and its place in the world and the people who make it.

From the the bizarre propaganda of the North Korean film industry, to the film and video industry of Mexico and its involvement with the devastating drug trade....from Palestinian refugees in Lebanon struggling to make a comedy, to a study of some 80s soviet Russian movies called 'Parallel Cinema' (which apparently includes gay Zombies eating brains as a reference to the decline of the Soviet Union!)....from a major new film festival in Iran to hanging out with movie director Gaspar Noe (Irreversible) in Japan....this series will show a true alternative to the normal understanding of film and the industry and what it means to people.

In a similar fashion to other VBS.TV shows such as The Vice Guide To North Korea and The Vice Guide To Liberia, The Vice Guide To Film using alternative, twisted and dark subject matter will be able to draw attention to issues that can be enlightening, shocking and engaging, telling stories that may otherwise go by largely unnoticed by the wider world.

The series will be be staring on VBS.TV from March 23rd

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