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Thursday, 4 March 2010

I'm Here....(still)

Spike Jonze as you know has directed 3 of the most interesting and original films to come out of Hollywoodland in the last decade....Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Where The Wild Things Are. He was also heavily involved in Jackass franchise, has made classic music videos for likes of Beastie Boys, R.E.M., Bjork, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers....and has made some of the most creative and memorable skate videos everrrrr!

So, hot of the back of Where The Wild Things Are comes his new short film I'm Here....a robot love story from the looks of it...


This looks awesome!

Unfortunately you probably wont get to see it. It doesn't appear to have a release date, and because it is half an hour long, it would probably be too long to to shown at short film screenings (Future Shorts style) and too short to be exhibited by it's self....Frustrating!

Hopefully it will appear on TV somewhere, or could be combined with other similar projects for a theatrical release...however thats seems doubtful given the nature of theatrical cinema exhibition in this country...(maybe you can find it on the internet?!...)

In the meantime this...even if skating is'nt your thing...this is still a beautiful and superbly crafted piece of film making...Fully Flared (directed by Jonze) came out a few years's awesome!

...and that's just the opening!!!

also...iv been listening to a bit of R.E.M. recently (cool yeah?!)....but this is a good song and Spike Jonze did the video too, so double win....

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