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Saturday, 20 March 2010

I'm Here....(is now actually...HERE!)

I'm Here the anticipated new short film from Spike Jonze can now be seen...all you have to do is go HERE

A robot love story, following Sheldon, a melancholy kinda robot, living in a Los Angeles where robots and humans co-exist but not as equals. He meets Francesca another robot who shows him the fun side to life, including punk gigs, cruisin' the streets, magicians and the Californian countryside, and he in return gives himself to her.

The film could be seen as a comment on the state of immigration and the inequality amongst immigrant groups in LA, or it could be seen as a contemporary take on today's views of love and technology....or its simply about Sheldon the robot finding his perfect match...guess when you watch it you can decide for yourself.

The film uses animatronics and puppetry combined with CGI to create characters and a world that are both believable and fantastic. With some great set pieces and a lovely soundtrack, I'm Here is a great little film.

It still probably wont get a proper release, but the website is showing for free...but you may have to wait your turn as the film is not streamed and it is only shown at certain times in the day...but the website is pretty cool to look around while you waiting...and like all good things it is worth the wait.

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