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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Future Shorts - Rebel Yell

Future Shorts bought another fine selection of short films to Brighton (one of the best line ups ever I feel)

The programme included a story of an elderly lady discussing her best shag and a career in porn, in the film Paradise Circus (Toby Dye, 2009)

A charming and ultimately endearing stop frame animation about a weasel living and working in a traffic light, in Signalis (Adrian Fluckiger, 2008)

One of the most funny and touching movies was Thompson (Jason Tippet, 2009). A kind of coming of age story of two childhood friends who shared a bond over their speech impediments, weapons and things that go fast. But as they grow up and life takes over, their bond may not be enough to stop their lives from going in separate directions. Filled with scenes of hilarity and then tender emotional moments this is like Napoleon Dynamite but the real thing!

By far one of the most technically accomplished films was Miracle Fish (Luke Doolan, 2009), it tells the story of a young boy at school on his birthday, after being bullied he falls asleep, and he wakes to find the whole school empty and some truly horrific things....

Filmed in a way that creates an eerie tension throughout and with a shocking final act, you should watch this film with the lights down and the volume loud! right now...

(keep checking Shine A Light for stuff about the makers of this film)

This was probably my favorite of the night...and I really hope its true story...

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No (James Blagden, 2010)

"They all new I was high, but they didn't know what I was high on! They had no idea what LSD was other than what they seen on TV with the hippies!"

So, another brillant showcase of short films showing the variety and talent from a medium that is often too quickly disregarded. There is probably more creativity, emotion, comedy and style in these films than in most mainstream feature movies. So go check out more short films....and here is a perfect place to

There will be another screening of different films next month, check out the Future Shorts facebook group..

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